Directing theatre is my passion, and I have been teaching and directing High School theatre since 1997.   After building Byron Center High School’s theatre program and directing at the Van Singel Fine Arts Center for 8 years, I accepted a position as Director of Theatre at Rockford High School, where I ran the theatre program for five years.  Since I began my career as a theatre director and educator, I have directed at four different high schools and have produced approximately 50 musicals, plays, dinner theatre productions, original productions, and children’s shows.  

I hold two bachelors degrees from Cedarville University in both Secondary Education (Theatre & Speech) and Elementary Education, as well as a Masters degree from Central Michigan University in Humanities.

Although I spend most of my time directing, I also enjoy acting.  My most recent role was in Women & Wallace at Spectrum Theatre in Grand Rapids (2011).  Previous to that I was the female lead in Circle Theatre’s Duck Hunter Shoots Angel (by Mitch Albom) in 2006 and also played the role of Elizabeth Proctor in Heritage Theatre’s production of The Crucible in 2003.

During my breaks from teaching and directing (of which there are few!), I love to travel and learn from the world community.  My most recent trips were to China for four consecutive summers where I worked with 60 Chinese teachers of English.  I have also traveled to Africa (Egypt & Kenya), the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica (where I did my student teaching for the elementary education degree I hold).  In each of these places, I have worked to explore and be involved in issues surrounding both education and the spread of AIDS:  two issues about which I am passionate.

My current Passion:  Global Teaching
I believe that we are at a tipping point in education, where the marriage of teaching and technology will set the tone for the future of education globally, and will help to solve many of the educational woes in our nation.   Prior to this point, learning in a traditional school meant that you had access only to the teachers in your school building.  Now, because of technology, students can be educated by experts and educators from all over the world.  It is my hope that we, as educators, find the passion to get ahead of the curve and harness the power of the internet for the good of ALL students.  

For the past three years I have spoken at the MACUL Conference about this passion, and more specifically, what I am doing in education through the platform of youtube.  I’ve also been a speaker (including a keynote speaker) at educational conferences throughout Michigan, I’ve presented hands-on workshops to teachers who want to flip their own classrooms, and I have served as a consultant to several districts seeking to promote flip teaching.  To schedule a speaking engagement or consultation, contact me at .

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