To the cast of the winter play:

First off, congratulations on being cast in this year’s comedy, Date Expectations.  The show is a series of 10-minute plays that, as you know, deal with dating and relationships.   It should be a really fun project for all involved.

As soon as we come back from Christmas Break, rehearsals will begin.  We only have 2 weeks of rehearsals, and each play will have 1-2 rehearsals during those 2 weeks.  We will have 3 dress rehearsals:  January 17-19 (in the evening).  The show is January 20-22 (7:00 p.m. each night).  Please clear your schedule for the week of the show.  I HAVE MADE THE CALENDAR BASED ON YOUR CONFLICTS...THE SCHEDULE CAN NOT BE RE-DONE.  YOU MUST BE PRESENT FOR YOUR REHEARSAL!

The SCRIPT is posted via the link below.  Print out your portion of the script, and bring to your rehearsal(s) along with a pencil!

You should be VERY familiar with your scene before you arrive at your first rehearsal.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be memorized (I’ll help you with that in rehearsal), but you should know the scene pretty well.  Remember, you only get 1-2 rehearsals, so the more you do your “homework” the easier it will be for you, your scene, and the show.

I REALLY look forward to working with each of you!

See you soon!

Ms. Price

Click here for entire script!
(it may take some time to load - it is a big file)Date_Expectations_-_CAST_files/DATE%20EXPECTATIONS.pdf
Click here for CASTDate_Expectations_-_CAST_files/DE.CAST%20LIST.pdf
Rehearsal Schedule for “Date Expectations”:
(bring a pencil & your script to every rehearsal!)

Monday, January 3rd         (3:00-5:30)       “On the Differences Between Men & Women”
Tuesday, January 4th        (3:00-5:30)      “Short Term Affairs”
Wed., January 5th             (3:00-6:00)       “Sure Thing”  + “Check Please” - scene 9 (Christian & Katina)
Thursday, January 6th       (3:00-5:30)      “Please Have a Seat...”
Friday, January 7th            (2:30-4:30)      “2B or Not 2B”
                                          (4:30-5:30)      “Check, Please!” - scene 10 (Marisa & Ty)

Monday, January 10th      (3:00-5:30)      “40 to Life” 
                                                                (Josiah & LJ leave @ 4:30; Gabe doesn’t attend; musical guys
                                                                 come @ 3:30)
Tuesday, January 11th    (3:00-6:00)       “Check, Please!” - scenes 2, 4, 6, 12 (Ty’s scenes)
Wed., January 12th         (3:00-6:00)        “Check, Please!” - scenes 1, 3, 5, 7 (Katina’s scenes)
Thursday, January 13th   (3:00-6:00)       “Check, Please!” - ALL SCENES! (1-12)
Friday, January 14th        (3:00-5:30)      “Post Its” (+ Gabe’s portion of “40 to Life”)

Monday, January 17th    (6:00-9:00)      ALL CAST - TECH/DRESS REHEARSAL (call time is 5:00)
Tuesday, January 18th   (6:00-9:00)     ALL CAST - TECH/DRESS REHEARSAL (call time is 5:00)
                                                                (KP staff meeting 2:40-4:40)
Wed., January 19th         (7:00-9:30)    ALL CAST - FINAL DRESS REHEARSAL (call time is 5:30)
Thursday, January 20th   (7:00-9:00)    SHOW!  (call time is 6:00)
Friday, January 21st        (7:00-9:00)    SHOW!  (call time is 6:00) - 1/2 day for staff & students
Saturday, January 22nd   (7:00-?)        SHOW & STRIKE!  (call time is 6:00; ALL CAST stays for strike!)