Independent Study:  Directing

There is both an art and a science to directing great stage productions.  This course explores what makes strong directors, as well as strong theatrical productions...and then throws the student into the role of director as the student applies what (s)he learned and directs her/his own piece.

Only highly qualified students are accepted into this independent study...those who show great promise in directing, and who have previously exhibited great work ethic and drive.

There is a three-part approach to this course: 

  1. 1.) Learn from some “greats” (well known directors via texts and other sources);

  2. 2.) be mentored by Ms. Price in directing; and

  3. 3.)  direct your own piece. 

Each time this course is offered (which is rare), it is tailored to the individual student taking the course.  However, whomever is taking the course is guaranteed those three approaches to learning about directing.

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This independent study is to learn about, and be involved in, the directing process at Oxford High School.  Only serious students of theatre are considered/accepted.