Independent Study:  Directing

Course Readings:

Readings (articles, portions from texts, and also supplemental information written by Ms. Price) will be provided each week by Ms. Price.  Each week’s readings must be done BEFORE the week’s after-school meeting(s).  The week’s meetings and tasks will relate to the weekly readings and are intended to help guide you through the process.

Texts used in this course include (but are not limited to):

A Sense of Direction by William Ball

From Page to Stage by Rosemary Ingham

  1. Thinking Like a Director by Michael Bloom

  2. Tips: Ideas for Directors by Jon Jory

Text & Supplemental directing/producing information provided by Ms. Price (arranged by topic alphabetically):

  1.   A Director’s Homework (pre-production script preparation) 

  2.   Analyzing Theatre as Art 

  3.   Auditioning

  4.   Blocking

  5.   Box Office

  6.   Budgeting

  7.   Director’s Concept

  8.   Fundraising

  9.   House Managing & Ushers

  10.   Licensing & Royalties

  11.   Marketing a Show

  12.   Objectives

  13.   Playbills

  14.   Post-Production

  15.   Press Releases

  16.   Producing / Role of Producer

  17.   Production Schedules

  18.   Rehearsal Process:  First Rehearsal with Cast

  19.   Rehearsal Space

  20.   Rehearsal Units

  21.   Time Sheet (Sample of a director’s time) 

  22.   Volunteers