Independent Study:  Requirements

The requirements for this course include:

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    1.) A course journal

  1. (student is responsible for acquiring his/her own journal)

    2.) Out-of-class directing (mentor) meetings

    3.) Course Readings (texts, writings, etc.)

  1. (student is responsible for acquiring books)

    4.) Directing & Producing Tasks

Weeks 1-2:

  1. ReadAnalyzing Theatre as Art & answer questions in journal

  2. ReadA Director’s Homework (chapter #3 ONLY) & answer questions in journal

  3. Read:  Director’s Concept (& follow the writing prompt given)

  4. Projects for this week:

  5.    Do your “director’s homework” (much of it will be done by answering your journal questions, but make sure you have a metaphor, and your written concept for your piece)

  6. Create a collage for your directing piece - think in terms of colors and textures, and NOT words (words in a collage are too literal).  Images can be used (sparingly), but the focus should be on metaphor and your overall concept (not just a bunch of pictures about the play).

  7. Homework reading before next Meeting                                   (will discuss @ meeting):

  8.    Read the remaining passages from the A Director’s Homework page and answer questions

  9.   Read Budgeting and create a budget for current show (Remember to start with revenue first! - maximum potential of tickets sold @ $___ each - always have debits less than credits!)

Weeks 3-4:

  1. Read: First Rehearsal with Cast

  2. Read: Objectives (longer chapter; related to this week’s project)

  3. Read: Blocking

  4. Read: Relation to Actors

  5. This week’s Meeting:  Discuss your “director’s homework”/collage, budget, and how rehearsals are going with cast.

  6. This week’s Project:  All “objectives” and blocking in script.

Weeks 5-6:

  1. ReadRun-throughs & Tech

  2. This week’s Meeting:  Discuss objectives and working with actors

  3. This week’s Project

  4. Write about how your experiences on or backstage have either mirrored the practices described, or did not, and describe how you remember feeling as an actor during these processes.

  5. OR

  6. Write about an aspect (or a few aspects) that interested or surprised you from what you read about these processes.

  7. OR

  8. Write about some practices during these processes (final rehearsals/dress/tech) that you feel you could implement or avoid during your directing project.

Directing is the business of showing an audience the invisible world of the human soul.  All great directors are people of vision!


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