Independent Study:  Directing

Analyzing Theatre as Art:

  1. Text:  A Sense of Direction (Chapter #1:  Art, Consciousness, Belief, Unity; pgs 3-12)

  2. Text:  Thinking Like a Director (Introduction, pg 3-7) & Thinking Like an Artist, pg 11-13 only)

  3. Questions from Text (journal):

  4. 1. What does Ball say is the most important characteristic of a work of art?   

  5. 2. What is the second characteristic of a work of art? 

  6. 3. What is the third characteristic of a work of art?

  7. 4. What else is art/theatre expected to have that show business and television entertainment are not? 

  8. 5. On what does an actor build his/her profession/art?

  1. Questions you actually have to think about (journal):

  2. 1.  How will you seek to go about creating unity in the piece that you are directing?

  3. 2.  What does the piece that you are directing reveal about the universe or the beauty of humankind?  How can you emphasize those things in the directing of this piece and bring them closer to the audience’s consciousness? (i.e. through blocking, characters, costumes, lighting, etc.)

  4. 3.  Describe a time (if you have one) when you, either as an actor or an audience member, suspended disbelief and truly felt “one” with a production/character/audience.