Theatre I

Because Theatre I is a learning and process-based class with very little homework, learning about theatre outside of the classroom is required*.  

Eight out-of-class theatre hours are required for students of Theatre. 

These hours account for a percentage (see syllabus) of your overall grade and can be earned in a myriad of ways.  If you choose, you can attend shows outside of Oxford, and that is very much encouraged.  However, you do NOT need to leave the district or even the school building to be able to earn all of your hours.  Volunteering for main-stage & black box productions, as well as auditioning, attending acting workshops, attending theatre club, attending improv club, attending improv shows, performing, ushering, or assisting directors, are all great ways to earn your hours.  There are many opportunities to accomplish these tasks each week of the semester.

In short, theatre is a discipline that can’t be understood just in the classroom.  To see or be a part of producing a live stage production is the best way to learn about theatre.  Think about it:  if a football player only learned about football in the classroom and never stepped on to a field, would he or she really understand the depth or feel of a live football game? Probably not.  The same is true with theatre.  Learning about the breadth and depth of all that is involved in theatre is best accomplished by jumping in and getting involved!

So good luck getting started, and remember to open your mind a bit, and enjoy your experiences!

*For information on WHAT you can document as hours refer to the theatre packet hours packet you received in class.

Hours must be recorded and turned in

within ONE week of earning them to be valid! 

DO NOT wait until the end of the semester to turn in hours...

Ms. Price MUST see your hours as you earn them. 

(She will give you your packet back after each time you turn it in.)


Theatre Hours