Theatre II

Creative Brief #1:  Music Inspired Theatre

For this project, you will work in small groups to find a clip of music from from the soundtracks provided by Ms. Price.  You will use that clip of music to create a scene (without words).  Focus will be placed on the ARTISTIC VALUE of your scenes.  (The concept of “artistic value” will be explored during this project and variations on this project will be facilitated by Ms. Price.)

Creative Brief #2:  From Art to Theatre

For this project, you will choose a famous painting (literal or abstract) from the artwork options provided/shown in class.  You will then create a scene that depicts the SPIRIT (and one literal moment) of that painting.  Focus will be placed on STORYTELLING as well as the ARTISTIC VALUE of the piece.

Creative Brief #3:  Directive Scene

For this project, you will create / narrate / act out your own directive scenes after watching this video (and reviewing stage directions, etc.):  Simon Stone:  What is Theatre Capable of?  In order to complete this project, you will learn aspects of techical theatre (lighing, etc.) on both the main stage & in the black box space.

Creative Brief #4:  Thematic Dramatic Storytelling (Intro to brief = Thematic Improv)

For this project, you will explore themes about which you are passionate, and then you will choose a TRUE story (someone else’s) to tell/act that is thematically related to your passions.  The storytelling experience can NOT utilize props or costumes...only the actor.  As an example, we will watch and discuss the following video:  Awele Makeba:  Stories: Legacies of Who We Are We will also watch a more “poetic” version of storytelling (Sarah Kay) and discuss as an option. 

Focus will be placed on 1.) finding strong cuttings, 2.) using the acting “space” effectively, 3.) techniques in portraying multiple characters, and 3.) believable characters.

Story Sources for this Creative Brief:

(these sources are provided for help, but are NOT the only places to find stories, and do not guarantee a good “fit” for this assignment.  It is YOUR job to find a work-able true story.  Remember, the best way to search for a work-able story is to know your THEME first.)

  1. Bullet Story Source:  “This I Believe” (a public dialog about essay at a time.  Search by theme, etc.)

  2. Bullet Story Source: (a celebration of creative non-fiction)

  3. Bullet Story Source: (audio files and podcasts of true stories)

  4. Bullet Story Source: (true stories told LIVE on stage - this link is provided as inspiration for storytelling as an art, not necessarily for the stories themselves - this assignment is more about the dramatic skills used in telling others’ stories...not copying a story you’ve seen)

Other helps for this Creative Brief:

  1. Bullet Video:  “Portraying Characters on the “Dramatic V” (start at 2:52)

  2. Bullet EXAMPLES of dramatic storytelling (actors portraying multiple characters without props/costumes)

  3. Bullet Why Storytelling is important...and a post-information age (with quotations from David Mamet)

Creative Brief #5:  Personal Dramatic Storytelling (autobiographical)

For this project, you will write and perform a piece that is a true story from YOUR life.  Ms. Price will lead you through writing exercises that help to create a strong autobiographical performance piece, and acting techniques used in class will be implemented.  The storytelling experience can NOT utilize props or costumes...only the actor.  Focus will be placed on CONNECTION to an audience.

Helps for this Creative Brief:

  1. Bullet Click HERE for Ira Glass’ thoughts on writing a “good” story

  2. Bullet Consider submitting your story to “The Moth” HERE.

Creative Brief #6:  Dramatic Interpretation (interpreting a playwright’s work)

For this project, you will read a chosen play (provided by Ms. Price).  You will then choose a cutting from that play to prepare as a performance piece, portraying all characters in the scene.  Focus will be placed on STRONG INTERPRETATION and CHARACTERIZATION by the actor.

Read about each play HERE before choosing one to read.

Helps for this Creative Brief:

  1. Bullet Dramatic Interpretation:  Character Information

  2. Bullet Dramatic Interpretation:  Writing an Introduction

  3. Bullet Dramatic Interpretation:  Demo of an Introduction

  4. Bullet Dramatic Interpretation:  Placement of Characters

  5. Bullet Dramatic Interpretation:  Voice

  6. Bullet Dramatic Interpretation:  Emotional Content

  7. Bullet Dramatic Interpretation:  Posture / Gesture

  8. Bullet Dramatic Interpretation:  Face

Creative Brief #7:  Dramatic Duo

For this project, you will be paired with a partner.  You will be cutting and presenting a duo acting scene with this partner, using off-stage focus. 

Helps for this Creative Brief:

  1. Bullet Dramatic Duo:  EXAMPLES

  2. Bullet Sources for Material