Theatre II

Design Brief #1: Director’s Concept / “Essence” of a Dramatic Work

For this project, you will learn about “Director/Production Concept” and how all design choices in a production are based on that “Director’s Concept”.  You will then read and analyze this year’s musical and create your own “Director’s Concept” for the production.  One or more scenes will be used to learn about effective directing techniques.

Helps for this Design Brief:

  1. Bullet Definition & Examples of Ms. Price’s Show Concepts

  2. Bullet Further explanation of “Director’s Concept

  3. Bullet Role of the Director (Director as “Captain”)

  4. BulletActing/Story elements in Beauty & the Beast

  5. BulletJulie Taymor

  6. Bullet“A Director’s Homework”

  7. Bullet“Analyzing Theatre as Art”

Design Brief #2:  Set Design

Students will use their Director’s Concepts (from Design Brief #1) to create a conceptual design for this year’s musical production.  (Building a model set or having design drawings for the set and/or each set piece is not required for this project...we’ll mostly be working in conceptual design due to time constraints.)

Helps for this Design Brief:

  1. Bullet How to use a scale ruler


Build a (scaled) model set OR create color renderings (to scale) for each of the set changes for this semester’s mainstage production.

Design Brief #3: Costuming

Students will learn about costuming and a designer’s approach to costuming, by watching a video of one costumer (Colleen Atwood’s) design choices for Tim Burton’s film Sweeney Todd, as well as a video of Tony award-winning costume designer Susan Hilferty’s design for Wicked

DESIGN PROJECT:  Costume Design

Choose a character from this year’s musical, then create a REAL costume for that character OR create a costume plot for the entire show.  (for great costuming ideas, visit “Threadbangers” youtube channel)

Design Brief #4:  Properties Design

For this project, students will learn the basics of prop design as well as how to find and build appropriate props for production.  (Watch:  Characterization in The Lion King


1.) Make a props list for this year’s musical.  2.) Create a props table.  3.) Design and build one prop (approved by Ms. Price) for the musical.

Design Brief #5:  Promotions

For this project, students will learn the principles of art in print, and how to effectively promote a show through both print and media. 

Helps for this Design Brief:

  1. BulletInto the woods - concept to print

  2. BulletTED talk: Cover Design

  3. Bullet“Press Release”

  4. Bullet“Fundraising”


Create, design, and produce a promotional piece for this year’s musical (from the director’s concept given).  (You must be approved to choose this project.)

Design Brief #6:  Elementary Promotions

For this project, students will learn the principles of promotion to various TYPES of this case, children. 

DESIGN PROJECT:  El. Promotions

Develop an elementary CURRICULUM that goes hand-in-hand with this year’s musical, and come up with practical ways to implement that curriculum at the elementaries in order to effectively promote the semester’s mainstage production. 

EXAMPLE:  Secret Garden Parent/Teacher Reading Guide (this reading guide represents the QUALITY & DEPTH of work required, not necessarily the type of project required)

Note: In this unit, ALL students will learn about Director’s Concept & Set Design.  From there, various aspects of design in theatre will be INTRODUCED.  Students will have the opportunity to delve deeper into an aspect of theatrical design by completing ONE design project from those listed below...