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  1. 1.Welcome Video/Assignment (5:40 - watch with parents!)

  1. 2. Communication Model


(notes to the left)

  1. 3. Personality Style - scoring your survey


  1. 4.Perceptions 

(17:18- watch if you weren’t in class)

  1. 5.Types of Communication


(Video Notes)

Speech - unit 1
                                               the communication process

During unit 1, the basics of how and why we communicate will be explored.  Emphasis is placed on the PROCESS of communication in both public and interpersonal settings, and students will learn, through class discussions & activities how the following affects their communication with others: fields of experience, perceptions, personality styles, learning styles, and hemispheric dominance. 

Day 1 - Getting-to-Know You

Day 2 - Fields of Experience / Communication Model

Handout: Communication Model (notes)

Handout: Communication Model (visual)

Online tutorial:  For extra help/review of 
communication model

Day 3 - Perceptions

Day 4 - Personality Styles

    Handout: Personality styles         (“It's a Zoo Out There”)

    Handout: Personality styles (notes)

    Handout: Personality Styles (scoring)

- Further reading/info on “Personality Styles”
Youtube videos:
Unit question:
                                               Is perception reality?
unit scheduleUnit_1a_-_The_Communication_Process_2_files/SPEECH%20I%20-%20UNIT%201a%20%26b%20%28COMMUNICATION%20PROCESS%20%26%20GROUP%20COMM%29%20%20DAILY%20AGENDA%20%282014%29.pdf