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During unit 5, students will learn and participate in the art of strong storytelling and narrative speaking. 

Day 1 - What makes a strong story?

(Sample story: Ernesto Quiñonez    Spanish Harlem, 7th grade)    

Day 2 - Storytelling to the Senses

(Sample story: Mishka Shuvali     Hour 504, Segment 2)

Day 3 - The Building Blocks of a good story

(Talk by Ira Glass)

Day 4 - Storytelling Brainstorming / Choosing a storytelling topic

Bryan Regan on “family stuff”, “little league”, “spelling bee”, “kids’ games”,“science fair project”

Brainstorm:  Family 
Brainstorm:  Elementary Memories

Day 5 - How to START a good story

Option #1: Start in the middle of the action  
Option #2: Start with an overarching idea/theme

(for an example of both options, click HERE and listen to “Moth Radio Hour 504 BILLBOARD”- it’s a 1 minute promo that gives the first lines of two stories)

    One Sentence Stories 

KP's Sample Storytelling Speech 

Day 6 - How to craft/encode the REST of the story well (word choice, etc.)

Option #1: Bring audience THERE through first hand feelings and character voices, etc.

(Sample Story:  Jim Krehn - Church Latin (start @ 7:51 or 10:19; a 9-year old alter boy must say the Latin prayer at mass - and he hasn’t rehearsed)
Option #2: Craft similes/metaphors that create a VISUAL for your audience  

Day 7 - Writing Day                    (active vs. passive voice; sentence structures & verbs)

(strong word choice / avoiding vague descriptions - Watch “A Case Against Good & Bad”)

Day 8 - Writing Day (starting your story well)

Day 9 - Writing Day (ending your story well)

Additional radio stories:  click here

Youtube videos:
Speech - unit 3 
                                       storytelling speeches
Unit question:
 what makes a story last?